What I can do for you as your Digital Marketer!

321211_2353890528211_7935372_n*Warning: excessive bragging in this blog post* Over the last 2 months, I’ve learned more in my Digital Marketing course than I think I’ve learned in any other class taught to me at Western. Not only that, but everything I’ve learned I feel like I’m almost an expert in. So many students complain that the information they learn in their classes can’t be applied to the real world, but all I’ve done in my Spring Quarter of 2015 is apply every topic in this class to the real world. I’ve researched materials beyond what was given to me by my professor Mark Staton, and learned about what companies strive in certain topic categories and which ones don’t. I remember back in March reading the syllabus for my Digital Marketing class thinking “what the h*ll are some of these things?” but soon realized each subject was easy to understand; not only that, but really, really interesting as well.

I think my biggest takeaways from this class are going to be the certifications I received over the last 2 months. I’m now certified in Google Analytics, HootSuite, and next week I’ll have my certification in Google AdWords. Google Analytics is an amazing tool for companies to use because you’re able to track your target market as they go through your website, desktop or mobile. The different metrics offered can show you how long a person was on each page, where exactly in the website they went, and the steps they took in order to make a purchase. You can also gain better understanding of what triggers a person to close out of your website, offering you insight in to how you can better each of your pages. HootSuite is great for those working with Social Media. You can have all of your platforms such as Facebook and Twitter all in one feed. You have the ability to send out timed tweets and posts in order to reach your audience at the optimal times, and you can also use their URL shortener feature. Next week, when I become Google AdWords certified, I’ll have the skills necessary to help your company understand the keywords your target market is searching online, which in turn can increase your search engine marketing and search engine optimization. I believe AdWords is a great tool for every company that wants to have a strong online presence, and in this world we live in today, who doesn’t want that?

Some of my favorite topics learning about this quarter learned how to do marketing through social media (previously linked), programmatic advertising, content marketing, and inbound marketing. Since these were the topics I was most interested in I believe I really did become an expert in each of them. Social Media is just fun to work with, first of all. With myself identifying with all the millennials, I’ve grown up using it and I’m able to quickly learn all the new social media platforms that emerge into society. Each different social media site can do something different and unique for your digital marketing campaign. Programmatic advertising really is the future of advertising; it can cut tons of costs and tons of time for companies that implement it. Content marketing is everything a blog is about, and I believe I’ve had great experience with learning how to make content that’s remarkable. Inbound marketing is a subject that really interests me because when you have a strong inbound marketing strategy, you’re kind of winning. When customers are able to come straight to you, it means you can save lots of money for your company! It gets your company away from traditional marketing efforts that can rack up expenses, and instead will attract customers to your brand.

17,761 words and 90 visitors later, I’d say I even became more of an expert with blogging. For a marketer, its a great skill to have. From April 6th 2015 to April 12th 2015, I had the most traffic to my blog. It’s unfortunate this was at the beginning of the quarter, but this is also when I blogged about Google Analytics, which makes this more understandable. I always dabbled with free blog sites, but never used them for content, just pictures of things I liked.  I’m happy to say I’ve left this quarter with a genuine enthusiasm and liking towards blogging, and hope to continue with this blog after the quarter ends. This may be my last blog post for my Digital Marketing class, but it wont be my last blog post ever 🙂


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