Make your Marketing Mobile

mobile-marketingMarketing efforts are targeted around consumer behaviors, and consumers have made the shift to mobile – so you should too. The platforms that consumers use to engage with digital media is constantly increasing, so it’s important that your company recognizes this and hops on the bandwagon if it hasn’t done so already. With the invention of the smartphone, phones are so much more than they used to be, and it’s completely changed the way of traditional marketing. Something important to note is that consumers aren’t just on their desktop, and they aren’t just on their phones, they are multi-platform. As of December 2013, 56% of users were multi-platform which is quite the milestone because it shows where the future of digital marketing is headed.

Everyone is constantly on the go, and smartphones have made it so users can take their computers with them any and everywhere. This means they can stay connected to the internet with the blink of an eye and be viewing your website, advertisements, and digital marketing campaigns. According to a study done by comScore, time spent on smartphones increased by 237% and time spent on tablets increased by 1040% from December 2010 to December 2013! I can only imagine how much time spent on each of these devices has increased over the last year and a half. Not only is mobile taking up the majority of internet usage, but smartphones specifically have surpassed desktop usage.

With media usage becoming more fragmented it poses obstacles for marketers in todays society. However, for the marketers that are willing to overcome these obstacles, adapt, and embrace mobile marketing, they will reap all of the benefits there are. Companies need to understand that the way digital media is headed is towards multi-platform, therefore they must tailor their marketing strategies towards that direction, too. Google Analytics makes it easy to track mobile marketing efforts so you can figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Smartphone users love their apps: They accounted for 85 percent of internet time spent on phones in 2013.

– comScore

2013 didn’t see much in product development and invention regarding mobile devices, but the main form of growth was with the apps you could download do your mobile devices. Users were engaging with their smartphones and devices more than ever before. Android and iOS operating platforms account for a combined 93 percent of smartphone operating systems, with Android taking 51 percent and iOS at a close 42 percent. Over the previous years, other operating systems such as Palm and Symbian have now become obsolete while Microsoft and Blackberry operating systems are well on their way to extinction as well. The point is, optimizing these operating system platforms can do great things for your marketing campaigns and understanding how each platform works for each device can help you tailor your efforts accordingly.


With users constantly upgrading to the next device, the internet and data speeds continue to get faster, making the mobile experience better for both the user and the advertiser. Content is able to be shared faster than ever, which can do wonders for your inbound marketing! Daily screen time for smartphones averages 151 minutes per person, while laptops are about 103 minutes, and tablets at 43 minutes. Add all of those up for a multi-platform user and thats almost an entire 5 hours each day spent on digital media devices. Think of all the advertisements that can be seen in 5 hours… it’s absolutely ridiculous! But it goes to show that your target market is, more likely than not, using digital media devices, and this is a perfect place to direct your marketing campaigns. This can be done through social media, search engine marketing (with the help of search engine optimization), programmatic and native advertising, landing pages, and even email marketing (yes, email marketing is still breathing)! I’ve written blog posts about all of the aforementioned marketing strategies, feel free to check them out 🙂

I personally look up information on my smartphone All. The. Time. I’m constantly “googling” what I don’t know and taking every question I have to Safari. All of my friends and family do the exact same. It just goes to show that the presence digital media has in everyones lives these days is so vast, you’re doing your company a disservice by not making your marketing mobile.


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