Abby Heintz – Newbie to the World of Blogging

My name is Abby Heintz; a 21 year old Marketing Major attending Western Washington University. I enjoy exploring Bellingham and all the beauty it has to offer, however sincerely miss my hometown of Sammamish, WA. I look forward to returning there after I graduate in the Fall of 2015. I’m an avid cat lover (high potential of being a future cat lady), enjoy dancing and training in many different styles, and consider health and fitness to be a priority in my life. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason even if we can’t see the reason right away, and music is the best therapy for anything.

I’m very excited to take digital marketing this Spring, and look forward to what I will learn, along with the crucial certifications I will receive. Not only will I be able to build my resume throughout the next 3 months, but I will learn how to make myself more marketable for a future internship and future employers. I want to be able to stand out in a stack of applications and resumes, and I believe the things I will learn in this course will help me get closer to achieving that.

During the course of this next quarter, I’d like to learn more about ALL the different types of digital marketing. The first thing that comes to mind is social media marketing, and then email marketing; I know there is a vast world to digital marketing that I just haven’t had the proper opportunity to understand yet. Digital marketing is much more than creating a Facebook page and sending an email, so I’m interested in learning other ways to digitally market and advertise.

While reading the article, Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century, it was upsetting to see the research of how there were serious differences in what students in marketing were learning in school, versus what was actually practiced in the workplace. Before, marketing students were never taught how to acquire quantitative analytical skills and learn database marketing – both of which were crucial for a real marketing job. Techniques used for internet marketing are constantly changing, therefore the skills people have to work with these techniques must be changing and adapting as well – and I believe that’s something extremely important to learn in class, and in the real world. I found it very interesting how knowing the Microsoft Office Suite was only of the most importance to entry level jobs, and least importance to higher level jobs – perhaps because the higher level jobs assume someone else can do that work for them? Just my own theory. What I personally liked seeing, is that all of the marketing aspects that were surveyed (marketing research, promotions/advertising, selling, internet marketing etc.) were at roughly the same level of importance throughout all levels of a job. This means that not only will they be important for me to get a job in the first place, but they’ll remain an important aspect of my career throughout any level I happen to be in – meaning these are long term skills.

After reading the Marketing Forecast article, it got me very excited for where the future of marketing is headed, and it seems to be in the right direction. Advertising expenditure is moving more towards the internet and now mobile media – more than ever before, and it makes me appreciate that I’ve grown up using this technology from a young age. People my age have an advantage, I believe, when it comes to handling these technologies and understanding the ways in which you can grab someones attention through different media outlets. I used to believe that email was going to become a technology of the past, however as I get older I realize how more and more important it has become, and I think it will stay that way. Email connects everything together with internet marketing.

Lastly, while reading Digital Marketing Talent, I was surprised to see that the entire point of the article is to emphasize the gap between the skills employers want their employees to have regarding digital marketing, and the skills their current employees actually have. Analytics is considered to be the most important talent for applicants to have, while it also has the biggest talent gap of 37%. This is another reason I’m extremely glad I’ll be given the opportunity to become Google Analytics certified! Prospective employees who can fill that gap and make the 37% shrink will be the more hirable candidates. I found that to be something extremely important that the article shared.

All in all, I believe I am looking forward to this specific class the most out of all my other marketing courses. This class is the one that will make me a hirable candidate, and teach me very important skills that all employers will be searching for!


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